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Blurred Reality

Mouthing Off Magazine

Blurred Reality is an exhibition curated by Mouthing Off Magazine which explores the major themes of the Pandemic, Lockdown, Conspiracy, Propaganda, and Orwellianism.


In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell


Over the last 24-months we have seen our lives dramatically change. We have been locked in our houses – unable to see our friends or family. We wear masks and carry virtual tags that indicate the state of our health. We face a daily bombardment of propaganda from states, corporations, and the fourth estate. We have become batteries and are slowly being drained.


We are without jobs, houses, savings, or prospects. We have been told by parents, teachers, celebrities, and internet gurus that we just need to ‘grind’ and ‘hustle’… That if we work hard enough, we’ll achieve our ‘15 minutes of fame’.   


Well, you can have it back – we don’t want it anymore.


When Nietzsche proclaimed that ‘God is dead’, he didn’t mention who would replace him. Narcissus now pulls the strings – pervading and perverting society. The constant ring of ‘me, me, me’ echoes through the digital halls of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, infecting our collective psyche.


You sell your flesh and data for a shot at success. You are a meandering sludge of binary, seeking perceptions that are doused in black and white.


The lines between reality and fiction have become blurred – to know the truth, is the same as knowing a lie. We are now marching to the beat of the unknown. Our direction is aimless, our destination undiscussed, our destiny undecided.


While the old are afraid of change, the young don’t know what it is. We are at the crossroad between freedom and security – the future is in our hands and only we can know which path we will take.


Exhibiting artists: Chantelle Weir, Georgia Harmey, Jake Purkiss, Justine Rainer, Lance Kagoule, Molly Lambourn, Sanni Pyhanniska.


Mouthing Off Magazine is an alternative media source for students and young adults. The publication aims to promote innovative and provocative ideas to create a dialogue with our readers, while helping young writers, artists, and illustrators gain the experience they need to enter into their chosen field.

The platform was founded in March 2020, in response to the lack of student-media publications available that provide artists with greater opportunities or promote freedom speech ideals.


27/11/21 - 02/01/22


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