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Desolate Disney Dreams

by Sharlott Wardner

Sharlott works with found objects such as childhood toys, beads, jewellery and textiles to create assemblages and sculptures. Her practice explores themes of memory, nostalgia, innocence, imagination and loss, resulting in odd, unsettling and macabre figures and forms.


“I used the name and the history of the exhibition space – The Hidden Wardrobe – to inspire the creation of an unconventional garment made out of photographs. The work centres around my relation with nostalgia, memories and grief.


The images are from trips to Disney Land Paris with former “life long” friends. We loved the nostalgic childlike atmosphere and also enjoyed cosplaying our favourite characters. Therefore, it seemed fitting to create a final solo garment as a memorial of the friendships I have grieved for, accompanied by a wardrobe installation of my previous cosplay outfits to bring the narrative to life.”


Desolate Disney Dreams will be on display in the windows of the Hidden Wardrobe from Friday 5th April until Sunday 12th May and is free to visit.


Check out the exhibition online on our YouTube Channel.

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05/04/24 - 12/05/24


The Hidden Wardrobe