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By Annette Warner

Annette’s practice is adaptive and agile. She is interested in the memories of objects and spaces, often using mundane materials to create site-specific installations and interventions that reveal the complexities of the space the work inhabits. The work is temporary and transient, exploiting the fragility and fluidity of our perceptions.


Hidden explores its own position as an artwork in the context of the location and society it resides in. The viewer is given only a glimpse of what lays beyond the surface, concealed behind the glass; the movement of the material sparks their curiosity. The work demands attention from passers by and asks us to acknowledge the physical realm in an increasingly digital and visually saturated world. 


Falling into the shadows of the current art-world trends of elusive light features and reflective displays, Hidden makes purposely naïve visual connections to emphasise the ways our growing digital environment is impacting our physical world.”

Exhibiting Artists


06/12/19 - 16/01/20


The Hidden Wardrobe