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By Signe Eliza Pook

SNAZZ-A-ROO/CROWD PLEASER + features material of previously resolved and on-going development of ideas within Installation work that is complimented by a drawing made in situ: responding to the surroundings of Old Northam Road.


Driven by the sound and physicality of rhythm, whilst envisaging space as a flexible landscape, the work addresses the presence of notions of play and chaos; but equally a sense of preciousness, that together form a synergy depicting a life unfolding, right here and now.


SNAZZ-A-ROO/CROWD PLEASER + is free to visit and is on display 24/7 in the windows of the Hidden Wardrobe from Friday 7th April – Sunday 14th May 2023.


The Launch Event was on Friday 7th April.

Exhibiting Artists


07/04/23 - 14/05/23


The Hidden Wardrobe