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By Kelly Mackenzie Sinclair

Kelly’s multidisciplinary practice responds to the wider sociological significance of her own life experiences. The personal is political. She talks about trauma; writes about relationships; and makes films about the complicated culture surrounding the fat, female body. For the Hidden Wardrobe, Kelly has created a series of paintings investigating the concepts of Otherness,  loneliness and visibility. 


“The work is a response to my own personal experiences of feeling like an Other in a culture that stigmatises mental health and invisible disabilities. There is a tension between a medical system that asks patients to exhibit symptoms in a way that impacts functionality (and punishes those who make an effort to continue any day to day activities or relationships) and a society that requires some level functionality and social skills to maintain personal connections and emotional support.”

Exhibiting Artists


16/08/19 - 15/09/19


The Hidden Wardrobe