Mandy Smith

Mandy’s practice focuses largely on familial interactions, from the small, everyday, seemingly insignificant events that happen whilst bringing up children, to the sometimes overwhelming feelings of loss from birth, illness and death. She makes prints, sculptures and costumes using modest, domestic materials, repurposed and reworked to unsettling effect – the result is both bodily and monstrous. 


Since graduating from the Fine Art course at Solent University in 2018, Mandy has been working part-time at Lepe Country Park in the New Forest. In 2018 she exhibited at the K6 gallery in Southampton and in 2019 she was invited to exhibit as a Local Artist in the Make Your Mark, Solent Showcase Gallery, Southampton. After leaving university she spent a year focusing on printmaking techniques on a Foundation in printmaking at Red Hot Press. Her printmaking focuses mainly on Southampton, her journeys to and from the town and her explorations around it reflecting on the architecture of the place to create unique, bold designs.