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2023 marks the fifth anniversary of the RIPE programme. To celebrate, ‘a space’ arts have commissioned a series of short films by RIPE artists, past and present.


The artists have responded to the theme ‘future’, whether that relates to their own future, the future of their art practice, the art world, the RIPE programme, Old Northam Road, the city, or the world.


There are 17 films in total, ranging from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Five were made by Bananas (graduates from 2018), one by a Mango (2019), one by a Tomato (2020), four by Peaches (2021) and six by Plums (2022). Some have experimented with animation and others have created live action films. For many of the artists this project has been their first foray into filmmaking and has provided an opportunity to develop new skills and test new ideas.


The films will be exhibited online and at the venues listed below:



Friday 19th May – Sunday 11th June


RIPE FIVE at the Hidden Wardrobe

Friday 19th May – Sunday 11th June


RIPE FIVE at God’s House Tower

Friday 26th May – Sunday 4th June


Join us at the RIPE FIVE Film Screening and Launch Event on Friday 19th May from 6pm – 10pm at God’s House Tower. Get your free ticket on Eventbrite here.